My-Bible-with-a-flowerWho does devotionals?

  • Anyone.  If you are interested in learning more about God, your faith, and how it applies to your hectic life, then you are a perfect candidate for a devotional.  There are many devotionals out there designed for a variety of people in a variety of forms and you should pick one that meets your needs.
  • Christian moms.  This devotional is designed for busy moms who want to know more about God’s word by reading the Bible.  If you follow this devotional for one year then you will have read from the beginning of the Bible to the end in chronological order.  As a Christian, you should know what the Bible says for yourself.
  • Me.  I do devotions and I’m not a seminary student.  In fact, I have no formal or official training what-so-ever to be leading this devotion.  I am just a God-fearing woman who loves to study God’s word and is willing to share openly with others the many lessons He has taught me.

What are devotionals?

  • Time with God.  Quite simply, a devotional is intentional time set aside for God.  This time is about Him, not you, your family, your job, or your friends.  Just God.
  • Commitment to study.  Try this devotional for one year, try another for another year, and before you know it you will have spent years studied the most important element of your daily life.  You don’t need to take seminary classes to expand on your knowledge; just doing regular devotionals can deepen your knowledge of God’s word.
  • Time alone.  While there are many devotionals that are designed for family time, this one is not.  Rather it is designed for busy moms who need some alone time with God.  This is your time for connecting with your Creator and finding the peace that so eludes your life.

Where do you have devotionals?

  • Quiet place.  If the radio or TV is on, I’m likely to become distracted and not give my full attention.  So, I prefer a quiet place free from noise, people and my “To Do List”.  This enables me to better hear from God and focus only on my study.  You may feel otherwise, but I prefer a quiet location.
  • Same place, same time.  I’m a creature of habit so it is much easier for me to have a set time and place for devotions.  Just like I’m expected to get my kids to school by a certain time and be at work at a certain time, my study time is consistent with a few exceptions.

Why do you do devotionals?

  • Draw closer to God.  If have ever wanted to know someone better, then you understand the concept of investing your time to know them.  The same applies to God, if you want to know Him better, then you need to invest time learning about Him.
  •  Understand the Bible for yourself.  The only way you can understand God’s word, the Bible, for yourself is to read it.  While pastors and teachers provide a necessary role, they cannot replace the understanding you get from reading His word for yourself.  Don’t allow others to merely tell you what is in the Bible, find out for you and you will be blessed.
  • Learn God’s precepts.  When you are having a problem with a computer program, do you look at the Help tab or Google your question and try the solutions?  The same is true with God’s word.  The Creator of the Universe has written a manual on Himself and life.  He knows a few things and can help you wherever you are in life.

How do you have devotionals? 

  • Time of day.  Pick the best part of your day to dedication a few moments to God.  If you are at peak performance in the morning, then your devotional time should be morning.  If you are at peak performance in the evening, then your devotional time should be evening.  Plan for about 15-20 minutes which is about the same time you spend on a coffee break.
  • What you need.  This devotional is self containing with a link to Bible Gateway for each passage, limited Biblical interpretation and a few Biblical application thoughts.  However I prefer to use my own Bible instead of the link because I like the feel of a book over a computer; this is entirely a personal preference.
  • Step-by-step plan.  Begin your devotional time with prayer asking God to help you learn and understand His word.  Read the Scripture passages.  Review the interpretation.  If you want more study, look up additional passages and commentaries.  Relate the application to your personal life for a daily take away.
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