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Hiding in busyness… Part 1

busy momQuite frankly, going to the store with my three kids is still a struggle even as teenagers.  I find myself constantly saying, “No, we are not getting that” or “No, we don’t need that” or “No, I’m not buying you anything”.  Someone said that for every “no” you say to your kids, you need to say “yes”, but whoever said that never went to the store with three kids and on a budget.

Once all my kids were in school, my battle began to change.  Now I can actually walk into a store and think, what an accomplishment!  In a grocery store, I can think about more than the next meal and I can actually plan the meal.  I can look at a meal in the frozen food section and become inspired to cook a feast.  I can go up and down the same aisle and not hear the words, “Haven’t we done this already”.  I can even pick the brands that I want without complaint.

But still I find myself strangely lonely.  I find it difficult to think without the noise, complaining, and chatter.  It is as if my brain seems to work slower when I’m alone.

When I’m in the car alone, I have the radio on.  When I’m in the house alone I have the TV on.  I’m constantly putting on noise to take the edge off of the quiet.  I thought that once the kids were all in school, I would have some free time but I find myself filling up the time with all sorts of busy work.


This is the first post in a series.  Stay tuned for more.


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