Bathsheba Article

For some reason, the life of Bathsheba fascinates me.  Here is a woman bathing on her roof which is a common practice in her day and she attracts the most powerful man in her kingdom, King David.  He, who already has several wives and many concubines, is so taken by her beauty that he inquires about her and sends for her to come to him.  She does and becomes pregnant.  Now the plot thickens as her husband is out to war at the time so King David manipulates the circumstances to try to get Bathsheba’s husband to sleep with her so he could cover up the affair.  After his plan fails, King David orders Bathsheba’s husband to the front lines knowing that he will likely be killed.  And he is.  Bathsheba mourns his death and then becomes the next wife of King David but miscarriages their baby in what King David believes is punishment from God for his sins.  They are intimate again and Solomon is born who becomes the next King following his father and is credited for being the wisest man who ever lived.

This article is a good overview on her life.

During all of this time, little is known about Bathsheba.  How she feels, what part she had in the affair, what her relationship with her first husband was like, or why she agrees to go alone.  There is much speculation about her but the most clear understanding of her values, morals, and beliefs come from reading Proverbs 31.



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