Homemade Dishwashing Soap

Why would I do this you ask?  Our family of five goes through a load of dishes easily in one day, so the cost of dishwashing soap was getting high.  I tried the cheaper brands but got only cheaper results and my glasses began to look cloudy.  Then I stumbled upon this recipe for making your own soap and decided to try it especially since I already had all but two of the ingredients.  The result?  Fantastic!  Hard water in Florida is a given and it can do a number on glasses and dishes but this mixture worked great and everything came out squeaky clean.  My glasses are completely clear, the dishes sparkle and even my dishwasher is looking a bit better on the inside.  I won’t ever go back to store made soap as this was too easy, cost less, and worked better.  Who knew?

Mix all of this together:

1 cup of borax (usually in dishwashing isle on the top shelf.  BTW, if you have a roach problem, sprinkle some borax in your cabinets and they will die.)

1 cup of washing soda (usually next to the borax, I used Arm & Hammer’s)

Almost 1 cup of citric acid (could not find in my local store but Crystal Light’s lemonade main ingredient is this so I used that.  I use one cup because of the hard water but if you don’t have hard water, use 1/2 cup.)

1/2 cup of kosher salt


Store in moisture free container as humidity will cause it to harden.  You only need one tablespoon per load which is about half of the soap dispenser box inside your dishwashing machine.  As for the rinsing aid, use white vinegar.  No, it doesn’t make your dishes smell.


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