Hiding in church…Part 3

Is church important?  Yes!  But it is far easier to hide from God in church then just about anywhere else.  Why?  Because on the outside it appears as if we are actually seeking Him when in reality we are just going through the motions.  We can sing a few songs about His greatness, recognized His ability to conquer all things, and even share a story or two about how God provided in the past.  To our friends, it appears as if we have a relationship with God so they say nothing, do nothing to encourage a relationship.  We may have even turned over our lives to Christ and accepted Him into our hearts but have we really changed?  Or are we just going through the motions established by the church or our friends?

You see, hiding in church is easy.  On the surface everything appears like we are doing the right thing, we may have even memorized a few verses and know a couple of catch phrases.  The real question is do you have an intimate relationship with God?  Are you able to recognize His calling to spend time with Him?  Not time spent at some Christian conference, not more time in church or at another Bible study, but rather time spent with Him.  Quality time spent one on one with your Saviour.

If you feel the Holy Spirit of God stirring in your heart right now, then here are few suggestions of how to get that loving feeling back with your Lord and Saviour.

  • Curl up undisturbed for a few hours with a good Christian book
  • Take a walk in the woods or around a lake alone
  • Randomly open your Bible up and begin reading several chapters or an entire Book
  • Do some gardening while remembering the parable about good soil
  • Take a drive and explore God creation
  • Watch a baby sleep for their entire nap and marvel at His works
  • Listen to His calling and timing and follow His leading

 Again I shamefully admit I did not plan our date.  My Lord had to and I am so thankful that He did because beneath the healing crying is a joy that only He can bring and a spirit of renewal that you cannot experience apart from spending time with our Lord.  Sometimes we are drawn to church because we see that joy in others and we want it.  But you cannot catch that type of joy from others; it can only come from God and only from spending time honestly with Him.  Be patient, the first couple of times may not yield any fruit but as every good farmer knows, fruit takes time.  Seeds must be planted first, watered regularly, seedlings tended to, before it becomes a plant.  Then the plant must be protected from disease and in climate weather before it can bear fruit.  But the fruit, whatever kind you like, is sweet to the taste just as joy is the sweetener of the Christian life.


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