Hiding in Busyness…Part 2

I am a master at busyness.  Out of nothing, hours and sometimes several days’ worth of projects can be created.  Walk into any room of my house and there is a list at least ten projects (sewing, refinishing furniture, upholstery, decorating, organizing) that need to be completed and five already in process of completion.  Reading five books at one time is normal and there is no need to finish any of them before starting yet another one.  I do not less than two Bible studies at one time, one of which I usually teach.  Sit on countless church, school and neighborhood committees; participate in nearly every activity my three kids are part of.  And over the course of my career, I have been a stockbroker, banker, owned my own business, taught, counseled, and gone back to school.  Some of which I have done at the same time.  I never (ok, well hardly ever, is more accurate) say “no” to my husband who asks me to do things because he knows it will get done.  Add to that a new diet or exercise program and well, you get the picture. 

 Worse yet, I take pride in the fact that I’m a hard worker.  My dad has a saying, “If you need to get something done, find the busiest person you know and ask them.”  That’s me, and everyone finds me and I’m tired but won’t stop.  My Mother’s Day card from my daughter read, “Teacher: A+, Listener: A+, Loving: A+, Rested: Incomplete.”  That in a nutshell sums it up my master’s degree in busyness.


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